About me

When the calling becomes the profession, many factors play their part – in the end the professional melds with the personal to become one coherent whole.

So it was with me: after full training as a State Recognised Physiotherapist in Munich, and qualifying as a Healing Practitioner for Psychotherapy (HPG) – a mother of three adult daughters - twice divorced - I now have been happily married since 2001. With my husband and two stepsons, we compose a classic patchwork family. My practice for Psychotherapy & Physiotherapy was founded in Simbach bei Landau in February 2001 and is busy yet effective.

The inspiration for my practice was based on not only my experience of life and people, but also an interview with a senior member of staff of the German Jobs Agency! He told me every time after he had spoken to me he felt so much better, that I ought to be a Psychotherapist and help people with solving problems.

Now I know that my calling has emerged from my profession. There is no greater or fulfilling pleasure for me than to see my clients learn new strategies and gain the courage to face and resolve all the problems of life: to walk with them as they awake and find their life has gained in meaning and purpose.

I have learned myself, as have so many of my clients, that healing primarily follows self-awareness. This leads in turn to the clarity we need to implement the changes we have recognised as being necessary.

Finally, working together, the heart to heart conversation leads to change and further personal development leading on to greater self-confidence and freedom from anxiety. We use different methods and techniques carefully matched to the individual requirements.

I know you have within you the capability, waiting to be discovered and expressed, to have a happier, more fulfilled and thus more successful life. It would give me great pleasure to accompany you whilst you too find it!

Methods and Techniques

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Gestalt Therapy – Fritz Perls
  • Brain Gym
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu – Japanese acupressure techniques
  • Relaxation and meditation techniques
  • Phyllis Krystal methods and techniques
  • Margarete Friebe methods and techniques
  • Quantum Entrainment TM (QE)
  • EAPT (European Association of Pharmacy Technicians)
  • Emotion Code Practitioner - Dr. Bradley Nelson