Is your relationship working badly or even on the rocks?

Don't just sit there! That is the best way to loose time and perhaps your partner as well!

There are two alternatives – the Phoenix Project will lead you to a fulfilled partnership with real togetherness or to a friendly and fair separation.

You both win either way.

The Thought

Many couples find themselves looking at each other over the ruins of their relationship. Often it comes unexpectedly, everything lies in ashes and the flame of love has vanished.

Nevertheless, for some, there is still a wish to salvage the relationship and make a new start. The fragile seed can grow in the fertile ground if the belief and desire are strong and accompanied by a sincere belief that change is possible, if you really want to make it happen.

A resurrection, rising like phoenix from the ashes, from fertile soil to grow and transform everything, as Goethe once wrote:

"And you do not have as long as this,
This dying and happening.
You are just a dull guest
on the dark earth."

The Phoenix process brings about an entirely new feeling to the relationship, stronger, together and better able to master life whilst providing a role model for children and family. Find a life with new values: authenticity, integrity, mutual respect and appreciation in a loving togetherness.