The Project

Wake up! Move from the ashes of your relationship up to the peaks of well earned happiness. Make a plan to see where your relationship really is, where it is going and what the next steps should be.

I will walk beside you as you progress through this new and strange country, with map and compass to hand, to show you to your goal, to live your separate skills together.


The Phoenix project consists of 15 tailor-made individual sessions. This is a broad summary of the areas covered:

  • Identify those areas still shared; is there still a desire and will for a common future?
  • Communication training and guidance.
  • Problem solving training.
  • Dealing with each other, especially in stressful situations.
  • Learning possibilities and techniques for mutual support.
  • Awareness training.
  • Acceptance of the individuality of the partner.
  • Take stock and look ahead.

The first meeting and exchange of information is free and without obligation.

Phoenix Intensive

The Phoenix Intensive is a highly developed and intensive time together in therapy as a couple with my husband and me. Together we will find as soon as possible the answers to two critical questions:

Does our relationship have a future?

Do we love each other?

HThis clarification takes place in three intensive phases:

1. Period: 2-3 days supervision (at least 6 hours daily), 14-day break

2. Period: 3-4 days supervision (at least 6 hours daily), 3-4 weeks off

3. Period: 2-3 days supervision (at least 6 hours daily)

Contents of the Intensive Phoenix Project

  • Psychology of Self-awareness, barriers to awareness, motivation and the recognition of challenges.
  • The relationship between psychology and physiology, stress and psychology in balance.
  • Recognition of the situation of the client, dealing with negative and positive feelings.
  • Recognition of qualities, fantasies and enthusiasm.
  • Acceptance of boundaries.
  • Identifying and setting targets.
  • Understanding with respect to communication and body language, barriers to communication, ability to listen and different ways of learning.
  • Bodily wellness, nourishment and exercise.
  • Psychology of self-worth, stress management programme and identifying the causes of stress.
  • Individual values, how to plan future aims and intentions and resolution of the effort needed to achieve them.
  • Recognition and resolution of possible lack of trust, different personality characteristics and conflicts between performance and expectations.
  • Identification of what has been learned and achieved, appropriate re-evaluation.

First Meeting

Before we can start with the actual work, it is important to meet for a preliminary get-together. This means to see if we feel we can work together, you both and me, or with my husband if we do the Intensive Phoenix.

Secondly, it is necessary to include your personal situation to tailor the programme to your individual needs.

This first meeting lasts one or two hours. It does not commit you to anything. Normally this would take place in my practice in Simbach but another place might well be mutually suitable.

Please contact me either by e-mail or by phone to discuss details and agree a suitable date and time. I look forward to our mutual Phoenix Project.

Contact me by e-mail